The Unquantum Effect

Resolving the Wave-Particle Paradox

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Overview and Acknowledgments.

Experiment Reveals An Understandable World (2003).

Exposure of Physics Misconceptions and Flawed Beam-Split Tests of Past.Excerpts from selected articles of pivotal influence in physics.

An Understanding of the Particle-like Property of Light and Charge (2001). More difficult theory paper.

Part IIcolor

A Serious Challenge to Quantization. How the unquantum effectwas discovered, elimination of artifact. Repeats some theory from Part I (2003).

Part III black

Photon Violation Spectroscopy.  Five physics discoveries, and restated material from Parts I and II (2005).

Unquantum Measurement of Annihilation Radiation. See cover photo (2007).

Part IVcolor

Photo Essay for Photon Violation Spectroscopy.

Proposed Unquantum spectrometer products.

Part Vcolor

Particle Violation Spectroscopy. New work on splitting the alpha-ray, and the discovery of proto-helium(2007).

Planck’s A New Radiation Hypothesis, 1911, translated.

Industrial Application Note.

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Photo Essay for Particle Violation Spectroscopy.

Photo Essay, Other Creations. Inventions from the author’s past.

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There is a famous test of the validity of the photon concept that has been performed in the past. This test closely resembles a simplified definition of the photon as described by Einstein. The definition states that a singly-emitted photon’s worth of energy, an hv, must all go one way or another at a beam splitter (h = Planck’s constant, v = frequency, v is Greek letter nu). Amazingly, I the am the only one to perform this test with gamma-rays. These tests with gamma-rays show that a single emitted “light quanta” can cause coincident detection events beyond a beam splitter at rates that far exceed accidental chance. I show how to defy this defining property of the photon. To defy this principle of the photon is to defy a very strong prediction of quantum mechanics. There are many who have challenged quantum mechanics. My experiments and theory lead to the most serious challenge to quantum mechanics. There is no easy way to convey my message without invoking immediate skepticism. That is why I did the experiment so many different ways, and why my writings describe this test in far greater detail than any similar experiment you will ever find. My finding of coincident detections beyond a beam splitter means that similar tests, performed by others with visible light, are just measuring noise. My test does not split a gamma “photon” into two halfsize detection pulses; it detects two full-size pulses in coincidence. This does not violate energy conservation; it violates the principle of the photon. The obvious explanation is the loading theory, long abandoned and unfairly treated in our textbooks. Light is emitted in a photon’s worth of energy hv, but thereafter the narrow cone of light spreads classically. There are no photons!


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