Eric Reiter has also invented or produced:

Eric Reiter


  • The Versatile Connector Building Block System
  • Mobile Utility Core
  • Circuits for automation LAB-40
  • Computer control for stepper and servo motors in QUICKBASIC and DOS

Most recently:

Other efforts:

  • narrow-band lasers and Fabry-Perot spectroscopy,
  • enzyme reaction automation and analysis,
  • 17 ft dia 42 blade wind turbine and others windmills,
  • Solar collector design and construction,
  • vacuum chamber technology,
  • metabolic rate meter experiments,
  • bio-electromagnetic experiments,
  • heart monitor
  • digital signal processor board with shared memory.

Fine art:

  • Sitar, veena, mini-cello, bass guitar, electric guitar, sarod conversio
  • The Solar Sphere with versatile machine tool and Cosmoligical Harp of 1970 at the Exploratorium.
Other Unpublished papers:
  • The computer as a technological fix (1994) 
  • The Nature of Introns (1995)
  • Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy at SSU (1980) 
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