Eric Reiter – non-physics projects

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Apr 272012

Eric Reiter has also invented or produced:

Eric Reiter


  • The Versatile Connector Building Block System
  • Mobile Utility Core
  • Circuits for automation LAB-40
  • Computer control for stepper and servo motors in QUICKBASIC and DOS

Most recently:

Other efforts:

  • narrow-band lasers and Fabry-Perot spectroscopy,
  • enzyme reaction automation and analysis,
  • 17 ft dia 42 blade wind turbine and others windmills,
  • Solar collector design and construction,
  • vacuum chamber technology,
  • metabolic rate meter experiments,
  • bio-electromagnetic experiments,
  • heart monitor
  • digital signal processor board with shared memory.

Fine art:

  • Sitar, veena, mini-cello, bass guitar, electric guitar, sarod conversio
  • The Solar Sphere with versatile machine tool and Cosmoligical Harp of 1970 at the Exploratorium.
Other Unpublished papers:
  • The computer as a technological fix (1994) 
  • The Nature of Introns (1995)
  • Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy at SSU (1980) 

Recent experiments by others that challenge the loading theory

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Apr 272012

There are recent experiments that seem to uphold the quantum mechanical interpretation of particles guided by a probability wave. We need to examine them in detail to be sure there is no artifact in those experiments, the same way you might ask if there is an artifact in the Unquantum experiments.

A recent experiment was published in Nature Nanotechnology: Real-time single-molecule imaging of quantum interference.” The fringes are not parallel, and the authors explain this is due to gravity displacing the slower molecules downward. The slower ones would shift the wavelength longer to spread apart the diffraction fringes.

However, the resolution distance at the detection screen is much smaller than the height of the diffraction slits, so there is no velocity resolution to separate these different particle velocities. There is some mysterious problem with this experiment that the authors have not explained. I await their explanation.

Theoretical works by others that also challenge quantum mechanics

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Apr 272012

Please see below some theoretical works that defy Quantum Mechanics

Photon Dies Screaming by Bill Beaty

Abolishing the wave-particle duality nonsense by X Borg.

Thermodynamics in Planck’s Law by C Ragazas, see chapter 25.*

Beautiful Universe Theory by V Tamari.*

The myth of the photon by Trevor Marshall and his Crisis in physics blog.

Links to Eric’s work and letters elsewhere

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Apr 272012

Please see below links of interest:

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