The Unquantum Effect – OVERVIEW

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Apr 252012

The Unquantum Effect
Resolving the Wave-Particle Paradox

Wave-particle duality is the most disturbing problem in the history of physics. It has been a
problem since Einstein’s light quantum hypothesis of 1905. Waves and particles are mutually exclusive
ideas. We had a paradox. A paradox is something that is contradictory, yet seems to be true. A
solution to this problem implies the possibility of a totally understandable world.
This book is a collection of dated chapters with additions and editing. There is repeated material
among some chapters. An Understanding of the Particle-like Property of Light and Charge (2001) is
the most difficult, but may be the most important. It predicts experiments that were later confirmed. A
Serious Challenge to Quantization (2003) shows the search, discovery, and development of the
unquantum effect. It also describes my in depth search for artifact, not described in the other chapters.
The chapter Exposure of Physics Misconceptions contains ample evidence that data and ideas were
distorted to make people think quantum mechanics must be right. Photon Violation Spectroscopy
(2005) describes the perfected experiment, and links the unquantum effect to physical variables to show
how it all makes sense. This chapter repeats material from previous chapters. Particle Violation
Spectroscopy demonstrates the unquantum effect for matter waves.
The Spectroscopy chapters were originally patent applications and are archived at
After several attempts to publish in mainstream scientific journals, I was compelled to develop the
unquantum effect into methods of measurement useful in material science. The arguments from both
sides are on the USPTO PAIR website for history to witness their corruption. For example: I gave
them 20 experiments worth of data, and they essentially told me there was no data. A granted patent
was never necessary. By filing at the USPTO, my work becomes published and dated. Mainstream
journals, including the patent office, are controlled by people invested in photons, and they are not
about to publish something that makes them look bad.
Although the new physics presented here does embrace quantized emission, currently accepted
physics calls for matter and energy to be quantized for both absorption and emission. Here, that
generality has been experimentally defied, justifying the unquantum term. The unquantum effect
shows that absorption can be continuous and does not always occur quantized.
Many have written that there must be something wrong with quantum mechanics. However,
quantum mechanics remained strong because no one came up with an experiment to defy its
predictions. I expose experimental, theoretical and historical distortions that have confused physics for
100 years. In addition to revealing an incredible new physics, this book corrects what seems like the
most profound collective intellectual blunder that ever happened.
Eric S Reiter, April 2012
Special recognition is to Ken Kitlas for technical support, ideas, and equipment loans. Ken first suggested
the beam split experiment should be done with gamma-rays instead of x-rays. Michael Kan helped with many
technical issues. Robert A Wolf provided much assistance and translated the article by Max Planck.

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