Eric’s SlantBind Book Binding Invention

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Jun 272011

A book with a slanted parallelogram cross section and a single film of clear plastic wrapped around its covers and spine has the advantage of a stronger and more flexible spine than a conventionally shaped paperback book. This advantage is due to a longer glue spine, and its bound pages being exposed to glue at a thin face strip in addition to its page edge. The slant angle is typically acute at 35 degrees from the front cover.

A slantbind book can remain open and flat whereas a conventional paperback needs to be held open. The slanted spine offers a manufacturing advantage because the wedge shaped spine of a glued book block can be fed between spring loaded rollers to apply a clear film around the book to form its book covers. The film may be a heat activated laminating film or a wide tape-like pressure sensitive adhering film. The film helps strengthen the book spine while preserving its flexibility. The invention affords all sheets including graphics for the book covers to be printed from a single low cost printer.

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