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Apr 272004

Announcement of new experiment. If you use a low “energy” gamma-ray like 88 keV from Cd109 and let it scatter to two scintillator (NaI-PMT) detectors, like a beam splitter experiment, it will trigger two detectors in coincidence at a rate surpassing chance. These detectors make pulses, and physicists usually explain it with the photon model. But therein lies the paradox: particles cannot source fields that can guide them to a wave pattern, and conversely, a wave function would need to magically collapse to the energy conversion event.

My experiment shows detector pulses are due to the detection mechanism, as a fundamental property of matter, not particles of light. If it was photons and a probability wave, I would read only chance-rate coincidences (the way all other experiments did). I was very careful to only count full height (windowed) pulses and eliminate various confounding factors, as described on my website. The chance coincidence rate at the detectors is easily calculated, and I measure coincidences from two to 200 times the chance rate. It only works when the photoelectric effect efficiency is larger than the Compton effect for the type of detector.

There are very few isotopes that have the low “energy” (giving high PE efficiency)and are also free of other gamma that interfere, explaining why this has not been seen before. There were serious mistakes in previous attempts at this beam-splitter experiment using light and x-rays, and no one even tried it with gamma-rays. Why? Because it was thought to be a fact that gamma-rays were photons. My theory is an enhancement of the loading theory, first proposed by Planck in 1911. By using the wavelength of the group in de Broglie’s equation and realizing e/m, h/m, e/h are the constants, and that e, h, and m are maximums that can thin-out in free space, I can derive the photoelectric effect, Compton effect, spin g factor, black body spectrum, and can picture the inner structure of matter/antimatter.

My PhotoElectric derivation links the PE equation to the deBroglie eq and Balmer’s eq. Einstein’s photoelectric work was more a statement of his particle model than a derivation. To Einstein’s credit he titled it “On a heuristic point of view… .” The loading theory was rejected prematurely, mostly from not accepting the partially loaded state in time calculations, and from not accepting a mechanism for accumulation at arbitrary frequencies (see Compton’s and Millikan’s books). My work represents a serious challenge to quantum mechanics.

I challenge the physical science community to find any crucial mistake in my experiment and to repeat my effect. My web site shows 20 versions of the experiment in detail. Furthermore I do a historical analysis that identifies common misconceptions of famous physics works. My experiment was first on the web May 2002. I have been submitting to publishers, since 5/01.

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